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1974. Porsche unveils the prototype 930 Turbo. What fuel crisis? It was the perfect car for the Bundesautobahn. A German friend  of our family, used to refer to the outside lane of the autobahn, as a private road for all those Porsches, BMWs and the odd Golf GTI back in the seventies. Also unveiled in 1974 was Kraftwerk's musical masterpiece, Autobahn. All 22mins of electronic loveliness. It describes a journey between Köln to Bonn on the first Autobahn. It seems the most fitting celebration to mash both of these inspirations into the one image. As the 'English say', We drive, drive, drive on the motorway.

Autobahn Turbo Celebration

  • A fine art Giclee print on 285gsm heavy art paper. Printed in a choice of sizes from A1(594 x 841 mm), A2(420 x 594 mm) or A3(297 x 420 mm) portrait.
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