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With all the talk in the magazines about the 40th anniversary of the Porsche 930 turbo, we were itching to try one out! All 260bhp, 4 speed, backwards into a hedge lunacy of them. With 930 Turbos be some what deficient currently at Triple Espresso, we made this image as an homage to possibly the greatest 911 derived turbo of the same year, the RSR Martini striped race car. 500bhp dropped into a Carrera RSR, with a rear wing bigger than most flared trousers of the day. This version of the 911 is The Incredible Hulk to the David Banner of the original Porsche 901.

1974 Carrera RSR Turbo

  • A fine art Giclee print on 285gsm heavy art paper. Printed in a choice of sizes from A1(594 x 841 mm), A2(420 x 594 mm) or A3(297 x 420 mm) portrait.
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